OFEIXIN TI CC2541 serial to bluetooth low energy module 4.0 low-power module

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Main Chipset:
TI CC2541
Supply voltage:
2.0~ 3.6V
VDD ripple:
100 mV Max
Max voltage on any pin:
VDD + 3 V (Not 5V Tolerant)
Supply Temperature Range:
-20 ~ +60 °C
Ambient Temperature Range:
-40 ~ +85 °C
2402 ~2483.5 MHz in 20 Khz steps
Data Rate and Modulation:
1 Mbps, GFSK
Number of Channels:
40: 37 data / 3 advertising (0,12,39)
Output Power:
-23 to 4 dBm
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
200000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Blister package
take-up package
vacuum package
Product Description


FN-LINK's single-mode Bluetooth Smart ® modules are high-performance and low-power Bluetooth 4.0 RF SoC modules that incorporate the Texas Instruments CC2541 transceiver
chip among the industry's smallest packages.
These embedded Bluetooth 4.0 modules incorporate a crystal, the required RF matching and filtering for regulatory compliance, plus filtering on select digital lines for better noise reduction and sensitivity.

FN-LINK can provide customers with the integration of the entire profiles, applications,radio and BLE protocol stack base on TI. With compliance to Bluetooth low energy standard,the FN-LINK's modules enable the creation of a new market for tiny, cost-effective and power-efficient wireless consumer products such as watches, medical sensors, mice, TV remote controls and fitness trainers.

◇ Bluetooth 4.0 single mode compliant ISM 2.4GHz module.
◇ Utilizes the TI CC2541 SoC with 256K Flash, 8K RAM.
◇ Supports master and slave modes
◇ Integrated Bluetooth low energy stack including ATT,GATT, SMP, L2CAP, GAP
◇ Over 70 meter (230 ft) line of site (LOS) distance with integrated antenna.
◇ Can be externally controlled via simple ASCII AT commands over the UART or
programmed with custom applications embedded in the module.
◇ RSSI monitoring for proximity applications
◇ 10-bit ADC
◇ Serial Interface (UART / SPI)
◇ Wake-up interrupt,Watchdog Timer
◇ AES Security Coprocessor
◇ CE, FCC, RoHS, and Bluetooth® certified


1. Easy to use, no need of any experience of Bluetooth protocol stack application;
2. UART design for user interface, full-duplex bi-directional communication, and supporting the minimum baud rate of 4800 bps;
3. Supporting bridge mode (serial port transparent transmission), and direct-drive mode(no additional MCU needed);
4. Default connection interval of 20ms, which makes quick connection;
5. Supporting module soft reset by AT command, and access to the MAC address;
6. Supporting the adjustment of Bluetooth connection interval by AT command, and the control of different forwarding rates (dynamic power adjustment);
7. Supporting the adjustment of the transmission power by AT command, the change of broadcasting interval, the customization of broadcasting data, the customization of equipment UDID, the setting of data delay (preparation time of user MCU serial port receiving), the change of the serial port baud rate, and the change of the module names (all settings can be saved after power-off);
8. The length of the UART data packets can be any below or equal to the arbitrary length of 200 byte (large packet automatic distribution);
9. High-speed transparent transmission rate maximum to 4 K/s and the stable rate to be
2.5 K/s to 2.8 K/s (IO5, IO6);
10. Supporting the change of module name by APP, the change of UART baud rate and product UDID, the user-defining of broadcasting contents and cycles (all settings can be saved after power-off);
11. Supporting the remote reset of module by APP, and the setting of transmission power;
12. Supporting the adjustment of Bluetooth connection interval by APP but the setting cannot be saved after power-off (dynamic power adjustment);
13. All IO port expansion, including debug ports
14. Supporting the connection status and the flexible configuration of broadcasting status prompt pin / general IO;
15. 6 two-way programmable IO port, input check triggered by external interrupt, and low power operation (applied in alarm triggering, lighting control, remote control toys, and various i/o switches);
16. 2 programmable single timing / cycling timing flip-over output port (applied in smart timing schedule);
17. 2-channel ADC inputs (14 bit), EN/BAN, free configuration of sampling cycle (applied in temperature/humidity metering, photometry, & etc.);
18. 4-channel programmable PWM outputs (120 Hz) (applied in lighting dimming and speed control);
19. Module-end continuous RSSI acquisition, APP readable and auto-notifying, EN/BAN, setting of acquisition frequency at free-will (applied in finder, anti-loss and alarm);
20. Supporting battery power information reading and prompt, able to auto upload (notification of remaining battery power);
21. Supporting the password setting, modifying and restoring for anti-hijacking, preventing
from malicious connection from a third party. Also the notification of independent crypto-operation result to simplify the APP programming;
22. Supporting factory setting restore by single pin to ground (5s' long press) and the APP remote recovery;
23. Supporting the customization of PWM output initialization status (low, full, PWM output status value before power-off);
24. Supporting the custom of PWM frequency (61.036 Hz < = f < = 8 kHz, default 120 Hz);
25. Real-time system status prompt in broadcasting contents, including battery charge,custom UDID, current output value of 4 PWMs or collection value of 2 ADCs , the current state of IO, and etc. (suitable for broadcast applications);
26. 2 levels of pulse-width counting, 0 ~ 0 XFFFFFFFF ms (about 49.7 days);
27. Supporting internal RTC, which can be synchronized any time from APP end;
28. Supporting 6 IO and 4 PWM timing control (default setting OFF);
29. 4-channel PWM to support gradient mode (suitable for dimming control);
30. Supporting the saving of IO port configuration and output status, and the customization of the default initialization status;
31. Supporting the light recovery and deep recovery modes, which can recover user data flexibly while reserve the essential configuration of the product;
32. Supporting string prompts of Bluetooth connection status from TX serial port
(connection, normal disconnection and timeout disconnection) ;
33. Supporting low-level-enabled mode and pulse-width-enabled mode, and the remote shutdown;
34. Supporting auto shutdown after 30 seconds without connection in the pulse-enabled mode;
35. Supporting timeout (or disconnection) prompt by square wave alarm in the pulse-enabled mode;
36. Extremely low power in standby mode ( 0.3 µA from TI official data for CC2541 SoC),

Application Range:

& Consumer Application

Tablet/Smart TV/IPTV/OTT/IPC/AI Speaker/Security System /Toys

& Commercial And OA Application

Printer/POS Terminal/Projector/Meeting System/Interactive WhiteBoard/Education Equipment

& Industrial And Vehical Application

Instruments/Vehicle before-assembly/ afterassembly/High-speed train/Charging pile

& Medical Application

Medical equipments/Medical instruments
& Other Consumer Electronic Products


Respect of the customer,please contact the sales staff before purchasing module to carry out pre-sale consultation.Otherwise,the module may not meet your needs or modules have no inventory.
Detailed specifications docs,please download from the official website or sales.

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